Create Friendly Aliases from Technical Names

Enterprise Architect provides aliases for your element names. A typical use for the aliases is to give them more friendly looking appearance than the technical name that you give an element. For example, suppose you have an element named THIS_IS_MY_ELEMENTS_NAME. Since there are no breaks in the name, the element will not wrap the text and it may be forced to be wider on a diagram than you want it. You may also have prefixes or suffixes that are part of your naming convention that make the names harder to read from a business context.

Model Guardian provides an easy way to set up the aliases for all of the elements under a package, including elements in sub packages. You can even choose to strip prefixes and suffixes that are part of your naming standards..

Here are some examples of creating friendly aliases from technical names...


Name Alias
ThisIsALongName This Is A Long Name
ThisIs_mixed_WithCaps_And_Underscores This Is Mixed With Caps and Underscores