Find and List Diagrams by Name, UML Type, and Stereotype

Finding a diagram within a large model can be a frustrating process. However, Model Guardian makes it as easy as possible. As you can see in the following image, you can enter search criteria to help you find the exact diagram you want.


Once you have found it, you can choose to copy its contents to another diagram. Model Guardian's diagram copy goes a lot farther than Enterprise Architect's. With it, you can choose to copy all of the items on the diagram, just those are not selectable, or just those that are selectable. This lets you create a background on a diagram with boundaries and diagram references that are set as non-selectable and then copy just those elements.

The image below shows a Business Model Canvas with diagram references that are set as non-selectable.

By copying only the non-selectable items into a new diagram, we can easily populate it with just those elements that are involved in a particular scenario within our canvas.