Synchronize Models with Framework Changes

You have created and released your framework for modelers across the organization to use. As they work with it, they recommend things that will make their job easier and their models more consistent. You also learned a lot from the first iteration of developing the framework and have some of your own changes you would like to make. After making the adjustments you republish your framework. As the modelers start working with it, they realize that their models no longer conform to the new version. They are now faced with the decision to make countless adjustments manually or to simply start over.

This scenario is one of the biggest reasons a modeling program fails. However, with Model Guardian it is not a problem. Model Guardian tracks the framework element from which each model element and connector is created. Synchronizing your models with the current version of the framework is as simple as clicking a button.

There are two options for synchronizing. The first, shown below, synchronizes all of the model elements associated with the current framework.

Sync Model

You have the option to delete tags on the elements or connectors that are not associated with the current framework. This makes it easy to "clean up" tags that may have been added manually that should not have.

The second synchronizes only the element or connector highlighted in Enterprise Architect. The following is the dialog for synchronizing a single element or connector.