SQL Views

Enterprise Architect's model repository is one of several SQL databases. The (EA)2 framework leverages the SQL repository with almost 200 SQL views that can be used with SQL report writers and directly within Enterprise Architect. Although they are not seen in the Enterprise Architect's SQL model search capability, you can select from them just like you can select from the Enterprise Architect tables.

Generate SQL Views

Currently, generating the SQL views will apply any framework changes to the (EA)2 SQL views. An upcoming version of Model Guardian will create SQL views for each of the framework metatypes. You will be able to extend these framework views with user-defined views modeled in Enterprise Architect. All of the views will be generated, making maintence of the views a snap.

Install SQL Views

This will install the generated SQL views into the SQL database holding the Enterprise Architect model. This should be after the initial installation of the (EA)2 framework and again each time the framework is published.

Currently only SQL Server is supported for the SQL view installation.