Relocate Items via Diagram References

You may use diagram references to move items to the appropriate packages. In fact, you can move numerous items to multiple target packages with one command. The diagram below shows several diagram references that comprise a backdrop for a Business Model Canvas. Each diagram reference was created by dragging a diagram from the source package, e.g. the Key Partners package, onto the diagram and then resizing it.

There are two times when using the diagram references comes in handy. One is when first creating elements. When you drag a toolbox element onto a diagram reference, the element will be saved in the package that contains the diagram to which the diagram reference points. Another way to use the diagram references is to move elements that have already been created onto the appropriate diagram references and then invoke the 'Relocate Items via Diagram References' menu option. All of the elements on the diagram that are on top of a diagram reference will be moved to the package to which the reference points. If one diagram reference is placed on top of another diagram reference, like Human Resources and Products are on top of Key Resources in the diagram above, elements within the top reference will be moved to the top reference's package.