Diagram Connectors

Managing connectors in Enterprise Architect can be laborious. You can only work with one connector at a time and you have to go through multiple dialogs to address all of the connector's properties. This tends to interupt your "flow" as you handle the numerous manual tasks necessary.

MGU, on the other hand, lets you address numerous properties and characteristics for multiple connectors at the same time. The image below shows the Diagram Connectors tab populated with all of the connectors from the currently opened diagram in Enterprise Architect. As you can see, you can check any number of them to work with. At the bottom are the tasks that you can apply to each selected connector.


The Highlight Connectors command button lets you confirm the connectors you have selected in the diagram list by previewing them in the Enterprise Architect diagram to make sure you have selected the correct ones. As shown in the following diagram, the connectors are changed to red and made the maximum thickness. After previewing the connectors, you can reset them to their original appearance.

Highlighted Connectors