Framework Development Process Flow

Model Guardian provides a user interface that simplifies framework management, adding features that are not available with Enterprise Architect alone. With it you perform an iterative set of steps to incrementally build, test, publish, and deploy your modeling frameworks.

You work in a work-in-progress area while developing your framework. Once you are satisfied with it, you publish it to the deployment area where you can then copy the framework file to other computers running Model Guardian. When you start Enterprise Architect again, you can choose to do more framework maintenance or to use the published version to work on your production models. This ensures that you do not accidentally apply an unpublished framework to your production models.

Managing Your Frameworks

Create the Object Type Hierarchy

Create the Connector Type Hierarchy

Create Tags and Assign Them to the Object Types and Connector Types

Create the Relationships Consisting of the Object Type Endpoints and a Connector

Create Toolbox Sections Composed of Metatypes

Create Toolboxes Composed of Toolbox Sections

Create Diagram Types and Assign its Toolbox

Save, Archiving, and Retrieving Versions of the Framework

Release the Framework

Generate SQL Views


Managing Your Models

Synchronize Your Models with Framework Changes

Install the SQL Views into the Model Repository

About Model Guardian