Bring Model Elements/Connectors Under Framework Control

Imagine you have just been given the role of Model Guardian within your organization and the first task you are charged with is making the existing models consistent within each other. To your dismay, you find that there was no standard in place regarding the use stereotypes. As a result, the models have numerous stereotypes that have the same meaning. Manually updating the stereotypes is an almost impossible task. Perhaps you have some good SQL programmers that try manipulating the stereotypes in the models' SQL repository. Unfornately, this usual results in the model elements having both the old and new stereotypes.

With Model Guardian, changing from one given stereotype to another for all model elements with the given stereotype is as easy as pushing a button. If an element has multiple stereotypes, Model Guardian changes the target steretoype, leaving the others untouched.

If the new stereotype is from your framework, you can even have each model element/connector given the framework's tags and bring the element/connector under framework control going forward. Finally, you can decide whether or not to eliminate Tags that are not defined for the element/connector in the framework, thus cleaning up the model.

Change Stereotypes